Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun and Games on the Fourth!

Let me introduce you to the newest game sweeping the nation.......Marbowl!!! Ok, maybe not the nation, but it's definitely sweeping the Cummings family. Some of you may remember Matt's favorite train buddy, Mr. Glen, who lives in Eupora and he and his wife are friends of Nana and Grand. Mr. Glen is an amazingly talented and creative man. Along with his train hobby, he makes wooden games and toys. All the Cummings clan gathered in Eupora Friday for our Independence Day celebration. Whenever Matt is in Eupora he has to go see Mr. Glen, and Mr. Glen gave Matt and McKenzie a game he created called "Marbowl".

It's a really fun and addictive game and the kids (and the parents) have enjoyed playing it.

As with any game or sport, Matt gets really focused and into "the zone" when he plays. The red eyes are from my camera phone.......although as focused as he gets I wouldn't be surprised if they turned that way in real life!

Matt played it until he went to bed Friday night and played it first thing when he woke up Saturday morning.

Another of Matt's obsessions right now is golf. He loves to play it and he loves to watch it. I took him and McKenzie out to The Dogwoods to hit on the driving range and the putting green Thursday. I had to drag Matt off the green....

....McKenzie, not so much. She liked it until it got hot.

Matt begged me to take him back to the golf course Saturday, so we went and just practiced putting. Check out this put that Matt almost sank from -- I don't know, what? 40 feet?!

McKenzie's cousin, Jordan, passed down her motor scooter to McKenzie Saturday. McKenzie was loving it! Man, I can't imagine how I'm going to be when she starts driving a car........the scooter makes me nervous enough!

We hope everyone had as fun a holiday weekend as we did!


Betty said...

What a fun holiday; the game looks like so much fun.Matt needs to teach Ward how to putt.He says that's a weak spot in his game although he says it's coming around due to some weird putter he's started using.The scooter is just the beginning: I can still remember the feeling I had when Davis backed out of the drive the first time!It's scary.
Betty Ward

Susanb said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and love it.. imagine my surprise when I saw my son Ryan and wife Kellie's [the Berrys]blog on your blog.. It was nice surprise to see you are up in Grenada with them.. Love the commercial your sweetie made with the easy bake oven.. made me laugh and cry.. SO cute..