Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Betty's Birthday Month (and big news)

September is Betty's Birthday Month! Betty is very proud of her birthday (even after all these years!) and likes to remind me that we need to celebrate it for the entire month of September. So, I'm am officially kicking off Betty's Birthday Month 2009!

So far, the agenda for Betty's Birthday Month includes a nice dinner and a chick flick about a guy and a girl who are meant to be together if they could just realize it and admit it. I think I've seen that one before. The biggest present for this year's Betty's Birthday Month is a new house! Yes, we finally found a house. After years of off-and-on looking and looking and looking, we finally found something we could both agree on. I told our realtor that we finally wrestled each other to the ground and came to a compromise on price and content. We have a contract on a house in Oak Grove and have listed our house. The sign went up on Monday. We're excited about the move, but we'll miss our friends on Mimosa Drive. But, it's not like we're moving out of town, so we'll still see them.

Happy Birthday Month, Betty!!!!!


Davis and Suzanne said...

YEAH!!!! I LOVE THE HOUSE (Betty B sent me the link to the MLS)
SO NICE!!! can't wait to see it!

bettyb said...

Guess what,David,this Betty still likes her b'day too,and she's a "little older" than your Betty~~must be why she's named after me!Plus everyone decorates for my b'day.I'm so excited and happy for all of you and can't wait to see the new place in person.We're almost neighbors!McKenzie told me she has her own bathroom and wood floors in her bedroom!
Betty Ward