Saturday, September 12, 2009

Packing Up

We have sold our house in case some of you didn't know, so now I am in the process of packing up everything. I get tickled at Max. He finds a different box to sleep in everyday. Here are a few pictures of him.

We close on September 30th and our moving date is set for that Friday, October 2nd. Moving day will be a very emotional day for us. We will be leaving our first home and a lot of great memories of starting our life together here and raising McKenzie and Matt here, too. But I have to remember that we will take all of that with us in our hearts. I am very sentimental, so it will probably be a little harder for me. But I know we will make great memories in our new place!

To escape from all the boxes today, I went to one of my favorite stores, Walls. I love to go in there when I have the time just to ramble. David took the kids this morning to do their breakfast thing, so I headed over there. I am so excited about my finds! I have been looking for a big clock for the new house and found this one over in a corner.

It was only $24, so I grabbed it. Walls got in a shipment of Michaels stuff. They had great fall and Christmas things. I saw this turkey and knew that it would be great for my kitchen table this Thanksgiving.

It is so pretty with all the different textures. I had several women stop me in the store asking me where I found it. I was sorry to tell them that I got the last one!


Davis and Suzanne said...

OK I just e-mailed Betty BEFORE I finished reading the blog....I LOVE THE TURKEY!!!!!
So happy for yall that you are moving!!!! and love the pics of Max in the boxes!

Anonymous said...

Where are yall moving?

bettyb said...

Okay,I'm here!!!! I have no clue if my message will get to you,but it's fun trying.HA! I love the pics. of Max in the boxes. You almost had me teary talking about the sentimental part of leaving your house,because you KNOW how sentimental I am~but you are going to be so excited to be in your new home with all that room.
I'll just be glad when you can take me on a tour.
Hang in there with the packing and remember I will help do whatever.