Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Long Scary Weekend!

First, let me apologize to Marty for the picture on the left. She's not really a witch.......I don't think. Anyway, we had a nice Labor Day weekend even though it was filled with busyness and scariness.

Saturday, we went shopping for light fixtures for the new house since the owners are taking the bedroom light fixtures with them. We went to Lowe's where they already have some Halloween decorations out. McKenzie was in the buggy and Matt was holding on to the side of the buggy as we approached a witch (not Marty) standing at the end of an isle. As we got closer, the witch all of the sudden started dancing wildly (a little like Marty) and flashing red eyes. It scared Matt to death! He looked like one of those cartoon characters flailing his arms and legs trying to get away but not going anywhere. Bless his heart, he was traumatized. The picture below shows how he was for most of the rest of the time in Lowe's. All he wanted was "his Bobo".

Matt woke up during the night crying Saturday night and Monday night. He said he had a bad dream about the witch (not Marty) and spiders.

To prove that I'm not a horrible Dad who scares his kids, here are some pictures of me and McKenzie and Matt enjoying a walk/ride around the neighborhood on Monday.

See, no tears, no terrified looks, just fun.

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bettyb said...

Poor thing~he's like Betty Ward because I never liked witches,scary faces,etc;at Halloween.--still not real crazy about some of it! He definitely looked traumatized,so I hope he got lots of love and attention.
--can't wait to see the new place and your purchases.
p.s. snazzy scooter,McKenzie! I didn't know you had that!
Betty Ward