Saturday, September 26, 2009


Congratulations to Jordan! We are so proud of you. Jordan placed first alternate in her sixth grade beauty review and she also won Most Photogenic in the pageant. Here she is with her two trophies. Marty and Jordan stopped by the house for us to see her in her dress since David and I were not able to go. We were packing and cleaning out the storage shed, getting ready for the move. I hate we missed it but McKenzie was able to go and really enjoyed herself. David ran in and got his camera and took a few pictures.


Jordan said...

Thanks for the post Nanny B and David. The pics turned out good.

bettyb said...

--so glad to see these since I wasn't there in person. Jordan looked beautiful,and McKenzie,you will be there in a few years!
Betty Ward

Davis and Suzanne said...