Monday, September 14, 2009

Dance Class Begins

Late this afternoon McKenzie started her new dance year. She has been looking forward to this all summer. Another thing we were looking forward to is seeing the new dance studio. It is awesome! We couldn't wait to see it. Miss Reagan has been giving us updates on it all summer. She bought an old warehouse and turned it into a dance studio/gym. She put this super cute wallpaper in the room where you first come in to wait for class to begin. It is hot pink with black chandeliers on it. McKenzie's dance room is painted a robin's egg blue. The gymnastics room is purple. At the entrance she had the prettiest container gardens. Of course you know I notice all of these details! What a fun place to have dance! You could tell that Reagan and all of the instructers have worked so hard getting it ready.

Here is a picture of McKenzie after class. We found this dance outfit and another one at Target on our trip to Nashville. You can't have too many cute dance outfits!


bettyb said...

McKenzie,I am so glad you like your new dance place.It sounds so cute.You are such a good dancer,and I love your pose on the blog picture.
You have great form. Remember I took ballet in kindergarten so that probably means I'm an expert. :-)
Betty Ward

Davis and Suzanne said...

Perfect pose!!!

Frances said...

Love the blog.