Monday, March 8, 2010

Double Doozies

I saw this cookie idea called "double doozies" out in blog land the other night and I have been thinking about them ever since.  I wanted to make them last week, but David came down with his own "double doozie" stomach virus so we had to wait. So tonight I made them for me and David and they were wonderful. You only need two ingredients to make them...chocolate chip cookies and vanilla frosting. I bought the Betty Crocker whipped vanilla frosting and it was really good and light. Now I just hope I don't get the awful stomach virus during the night that Matt has had for two days! (Thanks David!) Poor baby, the couch covered in beach towels has been his home for the past two days. I am happy to say that he is doing so much better tonight.

There are alot of shows that David and I like to watch together after the kids are in bed, so we end up DVR-ing them to watch later. I have been looking forward to this new show that is produced by Jerry Seinfield called The Marriage Ref. We watched it and ate all of the double doozies! The show is hilarious. It is all about those little silly arguments that every marriage has. I can't wait to watch this week's show on Thursday night.


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bettyb said...

--poor little Matt: sick while his Mommy bakes cookies to eat after he's asleep!!!!! Seriously,I'm so glad he's better. In the "old days" no trip to North Park Mall was complete without a stop at the cookie place for a Double Doozie.I can taste it now!