Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

Today is Matt's fourth birthday! We celebrated with Betty's family this past Sunday at Granny's and Nana and Grand came over last night and all the Cummings family celebrated at Shoney's.  Here's a slide show video of some pics of Matt from the past year.  The song is Find Your Wings by Mark Harris.

Happy Birthday Matt!!!!


Kellie Berry said...

Happy birthday Matt! We hope you have a great day!

bettyb said...

Well thanks a lot for getting my day started with a bucketload of tears!!! Matt, you have gotten so BIG over this last year,and I hope your birthday is a very special day for you because you are special.Your golfing buddy, Ward,and I love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video...I loved seeing Matt grow throughout the year! And move from one house to another...lots of changes, and one day he will realize (like David, Betty and I have) how very fortunate he was to be born into such a loving and faithful family. You are doing such a great job as parents, and I love being able to keep up with you all this way. Happy Birthday, Matt! Karen, Your Fav Realtor!

Jan McMurphy said...

Thanks for making me cry tonight. LOL...How sweet!!! Of course, I could only think about Anna Lora being that age not so long ago and this time next Saturday...she will be married!!! Wow!!!
Enjoy all of those precious moments with your sweet children. Love and miss you guys!!!