Monday, March 15, 2010

Extreme Yard Makeover!

I am so excited that work has begun in our front yard. As many of you know, we moved into our new home back in October. This is the first project that we have tackled since moving in. I know the yard used to be pretty years ago, but it is needing work. The grass is dead and the front yard looks like a desert. I hate it! I want the kids to be able to run around barefooted this summer. Also there was too much monkey grass, making it look very snakey. So I found a landscaper who is going to sod the front yard and bring in a load of dirt, till the beds, and get them ready for planting. There was a time when I would do all of the manual labor but that was before kids! Ha! I just don't have the energy anymore. I am going to come up with the design plan and then plant the shrubs. Should be alot of fun. I am ready to put my stamp on the house and make it more our home. I enjoyed landscaping our other yard and can't wait to begin with this one.

Here are a few before shots of the yard as Kent was getting started this morning. I will post the after shots as soon as I finish this project.


bettyb said...

Don't you just love progress?? The equipment looks very serious! --can't wait to see the end result,and I know it will look as awesome as your other yard.

Kellie Berry said...

how exciting!!! i love me some progress!!! I know it will look great! Can't wait to see!