Sunday, March 28, 2010

Matt's Birthday Week

Matt's Birthday Week has now come to an end.  I hope he can get back to life as usual without the parties and cakes and presents and attention.  I know he can do without the attention - that part didn't please him at all.  He told Nana that birthdays make him nervous!  His week started last week with a party at Granny's, then all of the Cummings family went to Shoney's on Thursday night, then the actual Big Day on Friday.  We didn't get to the cake on Friday, so we had another mini-celebration on Saturday.  Here are some pics from the week.


bettyb said...

What a fun birthday week you had,Matt! I wish I had some of that Shoney's dessert!! I missed you at Granny's today~see you soon,I hope.

Davis and Suzanne said...


carrie said...

Happy Birthday to Matt & Hello to the Cummings family from the Nolen's up North! :) I just discovered ya'lls blog & wanted to say hi! Hope all is well & looking forward to staying in touch through memories from the blog world! :) LOVE seeing all the fun pics of the family!!!