Sunday, October 17, 2010

FBC Fall Fest

Saturday was our church's annual fall fest. We had a great time. The weather was perfect. McKenzie said it was the best fall fest yet! She invited one of her school friends, Lyndsey and Matt had fun with Caleb aka "Dah". Poor Caleb, I think Matt wore him out. Matt really enjoyed himself. Every time I looked up he was running to do something else. There were games, face painting, jumping things, slides, hay rides, train rides and lots of great snacks. One of McKenzie's favorite things about the fall fest every year is the popcorn/cotton candy/snow cone booth. The hay ride was neat. Its fun to listen to all the kids' little conversations while riding. We had a new attraction this year, Mr. Roy's Choo Choo. Kids young and old enjoyed riding this. Mr. Roy donates his time and train to events like this which is such a great ministry for kids. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it such a great afternoon! Here are some moments David captured for us...

This one is for you, Betty Ward!  David was not happy about her choice!

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bettyb said...

What a fun day it looked like!! All the pix are so cute,and McKenzie,I am so proud of you for sitting in that Rebel ride! You look VERY cute,and I'll bet it wasn't painful at all!! Matt,you looked like you had fun doing everything.I think my favorite place would have been the food booth also!