Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Halloween Home

I had so much fun dragging out all of our Halloween stuff and decorating the house. It was worth all the work when I saw how much McKenzie and Matt loved it. Matt is so cute, he goes all over the house plugging in all the pumpkins, eight to be exact! We are all set for Trick or Treating. McKenzie is going as a 60's disco girl and Matt will be Batman. We have a pumpkin patch visit set for this weekend in Hernando at Cedar Hill Farms. We really enjoyed it last year and knew we had to go back.
Here are a few pictures of our home starting with outside and our mailbox. I love how it turned out. I found all the stuff at Michael's at the end of the summer and had Kerry at the Flower Company put it together for me. I was glad to see that it survived all the wind last night.

My front door/porch and entry hall chest...

My new mantle...
I was really excited about this. I found the garland at Wal-Mart (Better Homes and Gardens brand) and the crows for $1 each a few weeks ago at Dollar Tree. It's amazing the cute things you can find at the dollar stores for cheap! The mantle is only primed, its being painted on Monday. However my painter knew how anxious I was to decorate so he painted the top of the mantle so I could go ahead and decorate.

Our coffee table...
Found the cute witch at Cracker Barrel back in August and added the pumpkins and crow to it.
This might be my favorite find of the season. It is a cute Halloween candy banner that I found at TJ Maxx (my second favorite store). I bought the table runner to go with it. I thought this would be a cute area for the kids. Both items cost me $12! They look handmade in that they are felt with appliques. I am going back to look for a Christmas banner soon.

TV stand with their Trick or Treat buckets
A picture of my cuties from Halloween 2009.

McCarty bowl with pumpkins and fall mugs, kitchen counter

Finished bookshelves...
I changed the color on the back of the shelves to a light turquoise blue called Babbling Brook. The shelves are Almond Paste. Glad this project is over!
Back door...
witch that I found at Big Lots. I have a spider web with spiders that I plan to put over the back door or maybe on the iron gate that leads to the backyard. Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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bettyb said...

I just love all of your decorations and would hate to have to pick a favorite. I know the kids will love having all of it to look at each day. The bookshelves look amazing!! It is now a completely different looking area,and I just love it. ~~can't wait to see the mantel.