Thursday, October 14, 2010

Golf and Turtles

Thursday I took a half a day of vacation and went to play golf with Andy and Matt.  This was the second time I've gotten Andy to go play golf with me since I shamed him into it.  Andy has Thursdays off and a while back I told him, "I should take off some Thursday and we should go play golf.".  His reply was, "Why would I want to do that?".  Such brotherly love!  He was thinking of the frustration golf brings and I was thinking about spending a fun, beautiful day with my brother.  He was sufficiently shamed and agreed to go a couple of weeks ago.  He discovered there was fun mixed in with the frustration and decided to join me and Matt again Thursday.

Matt was ready with his cool shades.  Who does he remind you of?  Maybe.......


We had a good time playing, even though we're not very good.  On the third hole we got to see a little wildlife!
A turtle!

Andy has a little history with turtles.  When he was little he tried to be an animal rescuer and save a turtle that was stuck in a fence.  He quickly discovered that it was a snapping turtle and decided to let the little fella fend for himself.  Another experience with a turtle came at the Mississippi State golf course in Starkville.  Andy hit a long hooking tee shot that was headed for a pond when, miraculously, it seemed to hit the water and bounce into the fairway!  Upon closer inspection, the ball hit a turtle in the water!

Andy decided to help the turtle out and carry him to the pond he seemed to be headed to.  After dropping him in the water Andy said, "I hope that's the kind of turtle that can swim!".  We watched and it turned out he could swim, so Andy wasn't guilty of turtlecide!

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bettyb said...

Hmmm, 5 pix on the blog of your golf outing and not one of an actual golf event. What does that tell me about y'all's scores?? I'll ask Matt on Sunday!!
Betty Ward