Monday, October 25, 2010

We've been BOO-ed!

We came home Saturday to the nicest surprise near our back door. It was a really cute ghost bucket full of candy and neat little gifts for McKenzie and Matt. With it was a letter explaining the purpose of the gift. We don't know who sent it and that is the purpose behind it. It was left to say that the phantom ghost has come to town to leave some goodies and to tell us to continue by making two treats and giving them to two neighbors. So that is what I plan on doing. It's all in good fun and to wish us a Happy Halloween. We are to leave the phantom ghost picture in our window so "other phantom ghosts" will not visit.
McKenzie and Matt are loving it. We have been wracking our brains for two days trying to figure out who gave this to us. We know it is someone very creative and knows our kids really well. I have asked several people but they say it is not them. In the ghost bucket we found halloween silly bands, glow in the dark necklaces to wear halloween night, stickers, mickey mouse activity pad, halloween socks, tons of candy and even a cute fall pot holder for me. This person has great taste! So if you want to read more about this or want to Boo someone yourself, check out We will be booing someone very soon!

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bettyb said...

This is the cutest idea and what fun to be surprised with it. ~~kind of like having a secret pal!!