Sunday, December 2, 2012

Anniversary Eat-A-Thon

This past weekend Betty and I celebrated our 19th anniversary a little early.  Cassie volunteered to keep the kids and this was the only weekend we could match up with her.  Friday was McKenzie's six month check-up with her eye doctor in Jackson, Dr. Mungan, so we ended up doing a lot of driving that day.  Dr. Mungan said McKenzie's vision has stabilized long enough and her cataract looks good so we will only have to see him once a year now.  Here are a few pics from her appointment.  I think everyone knows about her cataract but I thought you might like to see some of what she has to do at these appointments.
The first thing they do is check her vision and like I said, her vision has stayed the same the last few appointments and maybe even a little better this time.
Don't let the smile fool you!  She hates this part.  They give her drops to numb her eye and then press this instrument against her eyeball to test the pressure in her eye.
Then they dilate her eyes and wait for 30-45 minutes and do some more tests.  She always handles all of it very well.

After the eye doctor we started our Eat-A-Thon!  Hamil's was the first stage!

This was Matt's reaction to his first taste of Hamil's BBQ ribs!  I think they have another fan!

We skipped out usual Target trip (don't worry, we more than made up for it later) and headed back home to drop the kids off with Cassie.  They love for Cassie to keep them and had a ball with her, as usual.  Thanks Cassie!

Betty and I headed on to Memphis and checked in at the hotel and then went straight to The Side Porch Steakhouse for the next leg of our Eat-A-Thon.  The Side Porch is one of our favorites and we almost always go there for our anniversary supper.

The next morning we went to another of our favorite Memphis places, Miss Polly's on Beale Street.  We knew that the St. Jude Marathon was going on that morning but we've been downtown before when it was going on and didn't think it would be a big deal.  Well, this year seemed to be a bigger deal than ever!  We had to walk a little to get to Miss Polly's and then had to stand in line outside to get in for the first time ever.  We laughed at ourselves as all these fit runners passed by while we stood outside Miss Polly's waiting to stuff ourselves once again!  Hey, we all have our different talents!  The breakfast was wonderful and it was fun seeing all the runners and hearing all the music and festivities going on.  There was even an Elvis impersonator performing!

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bettyb said...

I'm so glad you don't have to do this again for a year! I'll bet you are too!
--'so glad you and Matt got to have fun with Cassie while
Mom and Dad had fun eating all that food in Memphis! :-)
Betty Ward