Friday, December 14, 2012

Sixth Grade Band Christmas Concert

McKenzie's Christmas Concert Tour continued last night with her Sixth Grade Band Christmas concert.  It's amazing to see how far the kids have come since they first got their instruments just three months ago!  McKenzie and three of her friends stood up and played by themselves when the director gave any student who wanted to play a solo or in a group the opportunity to do so.  We didn't know she was going to do it and they sounded good!  Here are some pictures of McKenzie before the concert and a short video clip of the band playing Jingle Bells.

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bettyb said...

I never could get your video to work on my ipad. I finally watched this on the main computer. I think you and your band did an excellent job on your song. It is hard to believe that y'all have only been practicing a short while.Good Job!!!
Betty Ward