Sunday, December 9, 2012

Children's Choir Christmas Program

Sunday night was the Children's Choir Christmas Program at our church.  McKenzie had a couple of solos and was "Mrs. Evans".  The kids did a great job!  Here are a few pics of McKenzie and a video of her solo.  The pictures and video were during the rehearsal since I am one of the Children's Choir teachers and can't take them during the actual performance.

Poor little Matt was sick and wasn't able to sing in his first program with the big kids choir.  He did a good job learning the songs and the motions but he just wasn't able to make it to the performance.  Here are a few more pics of him from his school play.

Finally, here's Nick in a little Santa outfit we got for him!  He hated it!  He made a good little St. Nick, though!

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bettyb said...

McKenzie, I enjoyed watching your program on tv last night. It was great,and you sang beautifully. Matt, I am so sorry that you didn't get to go,but I hope you are feeling better.I'm so glad you got to do your school program since you had such an important part. You did it perfectly. Nick, you look SO cute,but you do NOT look happy about your santa suit!!!!
Betty Ward