Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

We are settling into our new home more each day and I finally finished decorating it for the fall season. I couldn't stand the thought of not getting my pumpkins out, but I was either too busy or too tired to think about it. Then our water heater busted and that set me back. But here are a few pictures of the outside, coffee table, kitchen and mantle. I am excited about having a mantle to decorate this year. I have always decorated everyone else's for the holidays and wanted my own! I will be back in another week to show pictures of my Thanksgiving decorations. Can't wait to use the new turkey that I bought a while back at Wall's. Hope you enjoy the slide show...


bettyb said...

Okay,I'm now depressed!! Your house looks wonderful,and I've got to come back and see it since you've gotten settled.I am going to steal your pillow from your front porch bench because I need it for my back door bench! Seriously,it looks wonderful,and you are putting your "stamp" on the house for sure. Thanks for the tour.

Davis and Suzanne said...

SO PRETTY!!! It looks like you have been in there for awhile!!!