Thursday, October 15, 2009

@#$@#*! Water Heater

Several people have been asking for us to post some more pictures of the house. This isn't that post. This is a post at almost midnight because we are sitting up dealing with the aftermath of our water heater busting. Earlier this evening, Betty was giving Matt a bath and I was sitting in the den. McKenzie came from the kitchen and said, "Daddy, I hear water running.". I jumped up and ran in the kitchen only to be met with water rushing at me from the laundry room. I finally got the water turned off to the water heater and stopped the flow but the damage was done. There was water all in the kitchen and quickly heading to the hardwood floor in the den.

We grabbed all the towels we could and started trying to mop up the water. Betty's father came over quickly and we borrowed a shop-vac from our neighbor across the street and went to work. After Pop got through sucking up all the water he could with the shop-vac, I borrowed a couple of fans from work and set them up to try to dry out the hardwood.

This is behind the refrigerator where a lot of the water gathered and made its way into the den. We'll wait and see what the damage is to the flooring and see if we have to replace anything. I hope not! Happy two week anniversary in the new house!!!


Kellie Berry said...

oh dear! seems like something that would happen to us Berrys! oh the joys of home ownership!

Davis and Suzanne said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So lucky didn't hit the hardwood!!!

abbey said...

I know the feeling... Although, not after just two weeks. Our hot water heater is in the attic above Ella's room. And, one day, as I walked into her room, I heard and saw "drip, drip, drip" and it looked like the ceiling might fall in. I had questioned Rob about it earlier, because I had seen water in the drip pan. His excuse was it was just a little condensation.. Ok, I said. But, afterward the ceiling almost fell in, I had to say..." i told you so." Hope your incident didn't do too much damage. We on the other hand, had a $1300 water heater to replace. Lovely.