Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Our little witch and skeleton went out trick or treating Saturday night. For the first time, Matt was excited about wearing a costume and put his on at 4:00.

Our first visitors were Jack Branscome and his parents.

Jack was a farmer for his first Halloween.

Farmer Jack just couldn't quite figure out McKenzie the Good Witch. Matt already had that sugar-glazed look on his face and it was only 4:30!

Matt's greeting: "Trick or treat! I need some more candy!"

More begging.

Aunt Marty's house is like Halloween 365 days a year! Not because they're scary.....they always have lots of candy.

The Happy Witch

Matt and Justin

If the hat fits......

Trick or treat at Granny's.

"What is it, Granny?"

The Skeleton had worn himself out by the time we got to the Byrd's.

These are our favorite former neighbors, the Byrd's, and we miss them so much.

After we got home, we had plenty of trick or treaters. McKenzie and Matt LOVED greeting them. We'd hear the doorbell and McKenzie would take off running to pass out candy and Matt would take off running to scare the kids. We all had a great time and can't wait to eat all the candy!


bettyb said...

I love all the pictures and am SO glad you don't have one of me looking so lovely when you stopped by! McKenzie,you were just the cutest witch I've ever seen,and Matt you were a scary skeleton for sure.I hope you both got lots of treats.
p.s. you need to give the Byrds a copy of that pic.It is so cute.
Betty Ward

Davis and Suzanne said...

Yall Racked up!!! Very cute!