Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Raider of the Week!

McKenzie was picked as Raider of the Week on Tuesday! She was very excited when she got home and we are very proud of her. Here are a couple of pictures of her with her certificate in front of her new desk.

Speaking of the desk, below are a couple of pictures of Matt working on that desk.

Betty's getting close to getting all of her stuff put up and hung up, so more house pictures will be on the way soon.


bettyb said...

McKenzie,I am SO proud of you!!! ---and I love your new desk.I'll bet it makes homework a little more fun to do. Matt,I'll bet you were a big help to Daddy putting it together.I want to come back and see the house.It sounds like Betty Ann is getting things unpacked and decorated a little quicker than this Betty did. :-) Please post new pics.soon.
Betty Ward

Marty said...

Congratuations McKenzie - you deserve it.
Matt - Margie has somethings that need to be put together when you get time.

Love yall,