Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we went to Cedar Hill Farm in Hernando to get some pumpkins and see what other fun things they had to do. This first picture is a little cut-out board that Matt never really understood. I'm not sure what he was looking for.

Here's a picture of me looking for something to eat...

They had a live band playing on the porch of this little shack. You could hear the music pretty much all over the farm.

Betty and the kids rode this little "train". Of course, Matt, loved it but it didn't have rails so he didn't go completely crazy.

We took a hay ride down to the pumpkin patch where they also had this pirate ship. I'm not really sure what a pirate ship has to do with a farm, but the kids seemed to like it. "Arrr, y'all!"

The kids running back to the farm after putting our pumpkins in the car.

"Load me up, mister, I've got deliveries to make!"

Matt got to the top of this slide and froze. He wanted to go down but he just couldn't make himself. It had a big bump in the middle that he wasn't sure about. I went over and held his hand down and he did get a little air coming off that bump! He was one and done on the slide and decided to go over to the hay playground.

McKenzie attempted the hay maze. Matt completely missed the point.

I don't think you're supposed to walk on the maze walls.

This is Matt doing his Wolverine jump. Matt was on a couple of bales of hay and wanted me to help him get down. A man offered to help him and Matt said, "NO! You not my daddy!".

King and Queen of the hill.

McKenzie on her pony, Curly.

This is a pond covered with light green pond scum. Matt saw it and said, "Look! A golf course!".

Our posed pumpkin picture.

We had a lot of fun at Cedar Hill Farm. Matt said his favorite part was riding on the tractor, which was actually the hay ride on the trailer which was pulled by a tractor. McKenzie's favorite part was picking out a pumpkin. Betty's favorite part was the hot chocolate. I had fun just following them around snapping pictures.

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bettyb said...

--love all the pictures! I thought about y'all today when we rode by the Oxford church with all the pumpkins out there.I love fall. That is so funny about the "golf course".I'll be sure to show Ward.
-glad y'all got out and away from getting unpacked and settled for awhile.Sometimes a break is just what you need.
Betty Ward