Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kirk Fall Fest

Thursday night was the Fall Festival at McKenzie's school. David and I had to work the first shift at the 3rd grade booth. Because of all the rain, we had to have the Fall Fest in the gym instead of on the football field. It worked out fine....just a little loud and crowded! Here are some pictures David took with his phone.

Matt loved the fishing game. They had little motorized swimming fish and the kids caught them with a magnetized fishing pole.

Here's McKenzie with some of her friends.

This is me working at our Spin Art booth.

This inflatable bowling game was next to our booth and Matt played it during our 30 minute shift.

Here's McKenzie bowling.

Matt made it to all the sports related booths. This is the football toss.

Cassie's choir, Encore, sang a few songs and did really well.


bettyb said...

Y'all have really gotten your fill of fall festivals!! I think it looks like so much fun,and it takes me back to when I was involved.--so glad that Matt had so many sports things to participate in.That boy does love a ball,doesn't he?! I think McKenzie looks like Pop in the picture of her with her friends!
Have a great week end.

Davis and Suzanne said...

Ahhhhh. The good old days of Spin Art. I had forgotten about that. I now look forward to some pictures of the Book Fair, whenever that day comes! Love, Davis