Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Belated Birthdays!!!

We didn't forget their birthdays, but we forgot to honor them on the blog! This week we celebrated the birthdays of three fine young men. Well, two fine young men and one
Tuesday was our nephew, Parker's, 17th birthday. That is truly hard to believe. I can still see him sitting in his "Nanny B's" lap when she would babysit him. His mother and aunts used to teach him to blow kisses and stuff until I rescued him and taught him to throw his arms up in the air and say "touchdown". He actually called me Touchdown for quite a while.

Another nephew, Justin, turned 13 on Thursday. Justin is a smart and very kind young gentleman. You can always count on him to give you a big hug and be genuinely happy to see you. I love to get him tickled because he just laughs all over himself and can't stop!

Andy, aka Chunch, turned 44 on Thursday. Wow! I can't believe my brother is SO OLD and yet I remain so young! Before he was Chunch, he was a great big brother.....well, when he wasn't punching me in the nose or knocking me off my bike with a basketball upside the head. We had a lot of fun back in the day playing ball every day we could and generally driving Mom and Dad crazy. Boy, was that a stunning success!

We'd like to wish all three a very happy belated birthday!!!

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Marty said...

Thank you David and Nanny B.

Justin had a great day and its hard to be he is a teenager!!