Friday, June 25, 2010

Gulf Shores - Day 1

We are here!  We arrived in Gulf Shores about 4:00 and after getting our stuff into the condo, we went down to see what the beach looked like.  Here are some pictures....
 There were several boats visible in the gulf working on the oil spill.
There were some places on the beach where we could see some oil stains, but it wasn't too bad.
This is the biggest tar ball that we saw on Friday.  It was about the size of a sausage patty.
McKenzie being attacked by the waves!
Matt stayed a safe distance from the water at first. He finally came closer and got his feet wet.
The Diva of the Beach
She's not the bravest diva around, though...
I don't know what this is.  There were several of these clear, jelly like things washing up.
Update:  I found out that these are Moon Jellyfish. They didn't look like jellyfish that I'd seen before,'s been an educational trip as well as fun!
We had fun walking along the beach. We're looking forward to a lot more over the next couple of days.  I don't think the oil will be too bad to keep us off the beach.
McKenzie and Matt get to sleep in bunk beds.  They're really excited about that!
Supper was at Ribs & Reds.  Betty and I shared some boiled shrimp. This is Betty's share.
After supper we played a little mini golf. Here's Matt lining up a putt.
After golf, we went to Scoops for some ice cream!

Then it was back to the condo and into the pool.  We swam until the security guard told us it was time to get out at 10:00.  Then we went out to the beach and sat on some beach chairs and enjoyed the full moon and the roar of the ocean.  It was so peaceful, we could've gone to sleep right there!


bettyb said...

I am SO jealous!!!!! Seriously,I'm glad things aren't looking too bad for y'all and that it looks like you will have a great trip. I cannot get over how much bigger the kids look from the beach pictures made last year.The pictures and reporting are great so keep it up so I can get even more envious. :-)

Margi said...

Great pics!! I can't wait till we go in July. Glad yall are having fun!!