Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Game

Tuesday night was our last t-ball game of the year.  We hate that it's over so soon.  Matt has really enjoyed it and got so excited every game day.  Here are some pictures of our last game night.
This is Matt's impression of the pitcher's scowl from the movie "The Sandlot".
Matt, the left-handed shortstop.
Here's the Red Sox!
Matt and his trophy.
Matt and his buddy, Ty.
These last two are from our post-game meal and dessert at Shoney's.  We like strawberries and chocolate!

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bettyb said...

Matt,I am so sorry we didn't see you play ball,but we will try our best next year~especially if you keep going to Spencers and Shoney's!! I love the fact that the lone female in the team picture is front row center: you go,girl!! I have a special place in my heart for left handed pitchers. :-)Davis never played short stop,but he did play 3rd base a couple of times.