Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gulf Shores - Day 3

Today was our last full day here and we wish we could stay all week!  Today, the oil was pretty bad on our stretch of beach.  Here are a few pictures of a large band of oil that made it to shore the morning just before lunch.
The first two pictures were taken from our balcony.  The last one was taken on the beach and it was pretty nasty.
There was no oil in Foley, though, so we headed to Lambert's for lunch!  The home of the throwed rolls!
Somebody told me that there wasn't as long a wait at Lambert's since the oil spill.  Somebody lied!  We had to wait about 40 minutes.  Matt passed the time riding a horse and a truck and the rest of us passed the time getting really hungry!
Lunch was great!  I had a ribeye steak, Matt had meatloaf, Betty had the vegetable plate, and McKenzie had pulled pork.  Along with the generous portions, they also come around with "pass arounds" and, of course, the throwed rolls.  I ate so much that after we got back to the condo, Betty and the kids went down to the pool, and I passed out on the couch.

After the swim and my food-induced coma, we went to see Toy Story 3.  It was really good - we laughed, we cried, we ate popcorn!

On the way back to the condo after the movie, McKenzie got a hair wrap at one of the souvenir stores.
Supper was at Mikee's Seafood.  We've heard good things about it so we decided to try it out.
I guess this is Mikee.  He's shorter than I expected.
Betty got Kellie's Chicken and said that it was her best meal so far.  So far, because we're going to Tacky Jack's for brunch in the morning where she has high hopes for the shrimp and grits.
McKenzie got the chicken tenders.
Matt got the fish....
and I was still stuffed from lunch and the popcorn!
After supper, Betty spied some stores she wanted to check out.  Luckily for the rest of us, there were some rocking chairs and this cool swing outside the stores!

We finished up the day with one more trip to the pool and then went out to the beach to relax in the moonlight again.


bettyb said...

~looks like y'all are getting out just in time.I'm so glad you timed the visit before the beach got ugly.If you didn't accomplish anything else y'all certainly did in the eating dept. I see DIET in the near future. HA. ~safe trip home.

bettyb said...

p.s. Hey,McKenzie,
You match the swing you were sitting in!!!

abbey said...

Loved looking at your pictures of Gulf Shores. The kids are getting so big and grown up. Can't believe how much they have grown. Glad that ya'll had a good beach trip. We are leaving Friday to go there as well..We didn't get to go last year, so OIL or not here we come! We pit- stopped in Grenada on Sunday on the way back from Oxford (Austin was in a baseball tournament). Not much has changed, but it made us sad. Hope ya'll are good..we miss ya'll. Abbey