Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our men's trio has sung its last song in church, except for maybe a reunion tour - ha!  Our high tenor, Keith Johnson, has moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas.  We're really going to miss him and his family and not just because of his singing.  We sang on the 13th and then two songs on the 20th.  Here's a link to the video from the 13th of us singing He Touched Me.  I'll put the links to the other two songs next week after I get that video.

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bettyb said...

~~love the song,and y'all sounded great. Maybe you can recruit Ward to come sing with y'all BUT he cannot sing high tenor!! ~can't figure him out because sometimes he sings tenor,sometimes baritone and I think now he's singing bass( not as low as you,David!)What can I say; just a talented guy. :-)
I know y'all will miss the trio,but hopefully God will send another to fill the spot soon.Y'all are too good to not be singing so I hope it happens fast.