Saturday, June 5, 2010

T-Ball Fun, Bumps, and Bruises

We had two t-ball games this weekend and I finally took my camera to one.  Friday night we played at 7:30 and I took some pictures and then we (and Dah) went to Spencer's for ice cream.  Saturday, we only had three players who could make it and then Matt got hurt in the top of the first inning and didn't get to play anymore.  Matt gave us quite a scare.  He was running after a ball and crossed the path of a runner running to third.  They ran into each other and Matt fell and hit his head pretty hard on the ground.  Usually Matt is so focused and determined to play that he's pretty good at shaking off an injury and keeps on trucking.  This time, though, he wanted to go to the dugout and sit down.  He didn't want to hit and didn't want to play anymore and just sat in Betty's lap with a dazed look.  It wasn't like him at all so we got a little concerned.  We left the game and took him to the ER just to check everything out.  He was a little trooper and was very brave as they put him on the CAT scan machine.  The doctor said that the scan looked normal and to keep an eye on him for 24 to 48 hours.  He told us to wake Matt up a time or two tonight just to make sure he's still doing OK.  The best medicine for him was Caleb coming to see him at the ER.  He and Andy were at the game and then came by to check on him.  About 5 or 10 minutes after Caleb came in the room Matt started perking up.  Then Caleb came home with us and before too long Matt was almost back to his old self.

Here are some pictures from Friday night.
This is the usual defensive strategy that most t-ball teams employ - Full Team Attack!
Notice Matt's little teammate in the background!
Ice cream at Spencer's!!!
Best buds.
This is how you get McKenzie to like baseball.
This is from a trip to the Peppercorn Grill in Carrollton.  This is for Granny, Mimi, and Nana!

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bettyb said...

Matt,I am SO glad that you are okay. You are not only a very good ball player,but you are very,very brave also. I hope you got a good treat from Wal Mart,and I hope Bobo got one too!! :-)
I love the last picture,and I can't wait to see if you slap Granny this afternoon!