Wednesday, June 16, 2010

T-ball Party

Tuesday night we had our t-ball team's end of the year party at McDonalds.  The first plan was to have a swimming party at the Kiwanis pool, but they couldn't reserve the pool until June 23rd.  I wasn't really enthusiastic about a swimming party for 3 and 4 year olds anyway, so that was fine with me.  We ended up doing the McDonalds thing and the kids loved it.  Matt kept calling it his t-ball birthday party!  The kids got Happy Meals and the toys were Shrek watches which were a big hit.  After eating their Happy Meals and cupcakes, they burned off their energy on the McDonalds playground.  Matt's head was soaking wet by the time we left.

Betty has been wanting to get a picture of Matt's cleats and McKenzie's ballet shoes together.  Here's my attempt.....

Betty wants to get a gallery wrap print of it and hang it in the playroom.  She thinks it will be a good way to show what the kids are interested in right now.

Here's what a gallery wrap print looks like.

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bettyb said...

~sounds like the party was a success. I love the cleats/ballet shoes idea. I had a picture done of Davis's baseball stuff when he was in high school: taken on the KA pitcher's mound with his ball/glove,bat,jersey. ~just enlarged and framed~would have been neat to do wrap canvas.~can't wait to see the finished product.